♥♥ Happy 3rd Anniversary MinMin Couple ♥♥

Hooraayyy….today it’s the 3rd Anniversary for our sweet couple (according to Dispatch’s news:) )

August 23rd is always the most memorable date for me…:)

I know many of you may feel the uncertainty about our couple but I know for sure that MinMin are still very much together and still so much in love… let’s we all keep supporting both of them and be patient till the time they are ready to announce once again to the world…

To celebrate today and reminiscing the good old time of our couple when we could see their closeness to each other and during 2011 when they were still dating publicly, I would like to invite you all MinMin fans to post photos or videos about our couple here… so that we all can always refer to this post whenever we miss them.

I will take this chance to post my favorite videos of our couple:):)

Credit : Sweetest House


Keep posting on the comment section:)