[ARTICLES] Park Min Young on Hong Kong’s Oriental Daily reports : “Park Min Young’s secret visit to Hong Kong”


14. 01. 04. Park Min Young had come to Hongkong recently to celebrate New Year privately, and she was found searching for cakes on the XXX street which is famous for its delicacies.

Korean star Park Min Young has acted in many popular dramas such as City Hunter and Sungkyunkwan Scandal,but she hasn’t acted in any new dramas after Dr.Jin. She was found on the XXX street with her manager and other two persons. She was polite and stood still for the cameras when the reporters started taking photos.Park Min Young uploaded the photo that she took in front of XXX restaurant and left messages in English. She said “Happy new year to everybody” (on her weibo). It is said that she has come to Hongkong for a few days .

Signs with new agency* 

After one year’s break,Park Min Young ended the contract with her old agency early in May. It took her about six months to consult with different agencies. Finally she signed with Jun Ji Hyun’s agency in November. So she will take new dramas and go for overseas activities this year.

Lee Min Ho loved her sincerely before**

Lee Min Ho had fallen in love with Park Min Young during City Hunter though it was a pity they broke up later. In a recent interview, Min Ho revealed that his last love was “the love” that was known to all.He hinted that after breaking up with her, he hasn’t had a girl friend. He had loved his girl friend sincerely, but he said that he was not able to be brave like Kim Tan in Heirs. Since he is an idol actor (one with huge popularity), he will not reveal his relationships in the future as well.


* While this news item says Min Young has already signed with Culture Depot, we are yet to hear an official confirmation though the agency’s website which is under construction lists Min Young as their artist.

** This is probably based on recent interviews of Lee Min Ho where he talked about his well-known “last love” though no name was mentioned. Korea Star Daily and enewsworld. The writer has interpreted the person whose name was not mentioned in the interview to be Park Min Young.

Translated by lark for Park Min Young International Fans United

Source: Kamlp, PMY baidu

Taken from and Full Credit to Park Min Young International Fans United

2 thoughts on “[ARTICLES] Park Min Young on Hong Kong’s Oriental Daily reports : “Park Min Young’s secret visit to Hong Kong”

  1. OMG!!. This article both gave joy qnd pain to me!!! At least, he admitted his real feelings, right?! And who else didn’t know that the last girl he dated was Park Min Young?!! MinMin, I would always remember you as the couple who made me join fourums! I sincerely loved you both, too. Who knows about someday.. Love-at-first sights are rre but getting back to one great love happen all the time. I’m saving hope for the both of you…

    • Wait, let me add.someting ~ my New Year’s wish is that, just as you.passionately were into each.other before, after 10 MONTHS, you will be again at a road leading back to each other’s arms, Kim Tan and Kim Nana:)

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