[Twitter] City Hunter PD tweets about a NEW YEAR gathering with CAST & Crew! ♥

i love you PD!!!! he tweeted this last night but i think the Celebratory dinner was last Jan 4

I love shipping MinMin, it’s so effortless! haha….PD,News team updates us..LOL

Translation by Amanda ♥
Director Jin Hyuk Twitter Update: We were finally able to organize City Hunter team’s New Year’s Party yesterday! During the party, Sun Hee shyly looked at me once. Sun Hee became an inspector ^^ Besides Hara who suddenly wasn’t able to come due to an urgent schedule, every member attended! It’s been a long time since I last saw these great actors. I remember them more vividly now. I am really a very lucky director.^^

So im thinking the dinner was Jan 4 hehehe..where Minyoung tweeted her photoshoot for Compagna.EEEEKS♥♥♥ Thanks PD for tweeting that hehehhe..MinMin having dinner w/ cast and crew awwwww. PDnim can you tweet Photos!!!!

saw this on Weibo ahihihi

and just for the heck of it.Minyoung was inseparable with her BB that night..lol.Thanks Heartminmin

9 thoughts on “[Twitter] City Hunter PD tweets about a NEW YEAR gathering with CAST & Crew! ♥

  1. PD nim poor him..why he delete his tweet…his tweet is awesome all member of CH can attending lol can’t wait hopes any pic of that hahahah😉
    Well BB really needs at some chit chat for couple lol….love it❤

    • omg merlin..i saw Korean tweets to PDnim asking that he took out the tweet.wth!! they are so crazy huhuhu..and well i bet our MinMin are hell bent protecting their relationship.huhu but im still thankful to him that he tweeted

  2. I was so down and disappointed last SBS Drama Awards but this post waves all my negative emotions goodbye!!! Hihi:) So it means MIN-MIN were together in this New Year gathering?! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay ^^ *squeal mode*😀 I’m smiling so wide right now that my lips can reach my ears any moment!

    Leslie, how could be this more than awesome? Without this blog, I don’t know what will happen to my poor fangirl shipping heart! ^^ THANK YOU A MILLION TIMES!!!

    • awwww *hugs* its pretty amazing when people tweet randomly about stuff like this and we get minmin updates right?haha an innocent tweet he deleted because some antis couldnt take it.tsk but thank goodness there was already a screencap of it.lmao
      You are so welcome! our MinMin is so awesome that they are so trying their best to protect their love *sigh*

  3. I’m completely over the moon to read this post. Although MinMin couldn’t be together at SBS awards, they dinned together with CH crews to celebrate Happy New Year and MinMIn’s winning the awards. MinMin must have had a great time together on that night. Oh how I wish I were a close friend of PD’s sister so I could beg him for a pic of MinMin and shared within our MinMIn shippers circle . It might sound silly but I just can’t get enough of MinMin *sigh*

  4. I’d like to apologize to LMH that I felt even a little bit of disappointed in him for not thanking MY in his speech:) I’ve become complacent and forgotten how crazy antis can be. PD Jin Hyuk didn’t even mention any names, except Sun Hee, and the antis went batty- imagine if LMH/PMY ever addressed each other by names.

    MinMin, I salute both of you for trying your darnedest to protect each other !!

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