[RANDOM] Couple rings!?

Ive been tracking back the pages of MinMin thread and I noticed  Minyoung started wearing this Chanel ring around first week of August. Could this be a “couple ring”?


MinMin shippers are not blind delusional shippers who dont know that Minho has been wearing the ring for quite some time. We are merely saying that Minyoung started wearing this Chanel Ultra white version ring post CH productions and could be a gift. From the word “could” it is a speculation but of course with their dating confirmation one cannot help but think that it might be their couple ring.

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Merlin even made a video heol…hehe

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14 thoughts on “[RANDOM] Couple rings!?

  1. Are you kidding me! , you are showing MInho’s 2009 photos.. during the heights of BOF. that couple ring belong to someone else.. :) I followed LMH since BOF so I know pretty well all his photos shown on diferrent occasion.

    • crazy. Obviously that ring MH had was way back and it’s his fave. We’re just saying w/ the freakin legit news out that they are dating that he must have bought MY the same type of ring since she started wearing it around July-Aug post City Hunter shoot. LOL at you.

    • Have you ever thought about maybe Lee Min Ho owned the matching ring already but hadn’t found the right person to give it to until now? You’re just a fan, you don’t know everything about his life. It’s pretty much a confirmed, solid, and concrete fact now that Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young are dating. There’s no way to go around or deny that. No one besides LMH and PMY themselves will really know the true story behind the rings, so there’s no need to act like you know him personally. Us Minmin fans are just trying to assume and come up with theories to go about explaining these two rings. We’re not trying to persuade anyone anything. This wordpress is for minmin fans, and if you’re not one, don’t waste your time here.

      • Yeah, I agree. It’s possible that LMH bought the ring beforehand. Or, maybe he got PMY one that matches his after they started dating. :)

        Hahaha I can’t believe antis still manage to lurk in this blog. Poor you. Must be living a sad pathetic life, huh? This blog is clearly for MinMin shippers so I suggest that you get the hell out of here and sail away in that sinking ship of yours. :)

    • yeah and who exactly is this someone else? Ku Hye Sun? Come out of 2009 era already. What problem do you have if he gifted the exact same ring as his to his girlfriend? Now don’t tell me it’s not the same, yea he must have gifted her white cuz white is Min Young’s fave color. Can’t you see how precious that ring is to her cuz it’s from her man Lee Min Ho. Now plz don’t talk at all if you want to talk about 2008-09 let’s stick to present & REALITY.

      • I just said “someone else” I’m not referring to that person.. you might get in trouble for mentioning names.. Peace!

      • I will not get into trouble for anything. Be specific when you make claims or it’s of no use.

  2. I just LOVE their rings!! black & white…their own fav colors…wether it is their couple rings or not,only them know it…But i do believe it does have significant meanings to them…^___^ she’s lovely to wear that ring during the PC…maybe it give her strenght =)
    Hopefully one day we’ll see their WEDDING ring!!!

  3. minyoung wears the ring with pride as if telling the world that she’s taken already. don’t you agree? check the photos once more. ;>)

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